Music video for the talented @dondestamariposa and her multiple personalities. 🦋
Thanks to the great crew and a special shout out to the homie @beaumega and Mira, my man @___samvis on the 🎥, @timoschot on the production, @thecompoundvfx for the beautiful work and of course team Mariposa. 🎳

Director: Rogier Smalhout aka de Reiger
Producer: Timo Schot
DOP: Sam Vis
Gaffer: Thijs Besteman
Styling: Anne Baarslag
Production design: David Freeman
Set Dresser: Eva Schaaf
Creative: Nayim Mracha
MUAH: Ray Gonzalez
MUAH asst: Sayrona Mercelina
Bestgirl: Samantha Valken
1AC: Martin van Drunen
PA: Serhat Köse
PA: Juan Cardozo

Edit: Stan Vriend
VFX: The Compound
VFX Supervisor: Daniel Falkenhagen
Grading: Tim van Paassen @ the Compound
Sound Design: Max Gramser (THNDR) & Thijs Gooszen (THNDR)

Concept by: Nayim Mracha & Jessica Diaz & de Reiger

Stand-ins: Mira & Nina

Special thanks to The Compound, Swaen Nouwen, Jerk Bay, Bowlingbaan Heiloo, Nina Moarref, Beau Love, Maloney, Chris van Marle, Aliet Moes, Laura Silberzahn, Cruél, Filling Pieces, Petra Smale.